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Hey there, 24hrdaydreamer here.. Demisexual and gender neutral, unless I decide to break out the cowboy boots...
This is mainly an art blog about architecture, illustration, digital art, concept art, furry art, and anime…

Since this is my primary blog, I can put whatever I darn please on it, and ya'll can take a number or unfollow if you don't like what you see. Nudity is also art, but usually my blog is safe for work (usually).


Please note: While I occasionally put up my own artwork (just doodles) unless I have stated none of the work up is mine, and I always try to give credit to the original artists. If you are an artist and I have posted a work of yours that you wish to have taken down please let me know which post it is and I will take it down.
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Bleach - Division 8 by *chira-chira

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