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Hey there, 24hrdaydreamer here.. Demisexual and gender neutral, unless I decide to break out the cowboy boots...
This is mainly an art blog about architecture, illustration, digital art, concept art, furry art, and anime…

Since this is my primary blog, I can put whatever I darn please on it, and ya'll can take a number or unfollow if you don't like what you see. Nudity is also art, but usually my blog is safe for work (usually).


Please note: While I occasionally put up my own artwork (just doodles) unless I have stated none of the work up is mine, and I always try to give credit to the original artists. If you are an artist and I have posted a work of yours that you wish to have taken down please let me know which post it is and I will take it down.
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The most favorite dragons that I ‘ve painted..They were so fun to do!

The first one is a commission I did for Lothaekor from

and the second is a commission I did for Leasoncre from

It’s his character Leasoncre :


Daily doodle #403 - Lady of the Lake for @Sketch_dailies

(it’s not really a finished piece but do full view for a better look c:)

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Tagged: #queued


Beautifully surreal art by the insanely talented Jeff Simpson.

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Some practice digital paintings for my concept class. Had to do three of these, the first only using the hard round or square brush, the second with some opacity and transfer stuff, and then the third was no-holds-barred, all the Photoshop special brushes, layer effects, and any other tricks we could muster. I don’t hate them, but I do need practice, haha.


two lionesses and their cubs taking an early morning stroll in kenya’s masai mara. photos by david lazar

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Fighting Styles/Techniques

Tony Tony Chopper || Point Forms

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Winnie Truong


1. Pearl

2. Siren

3. Debutante

4. Left Abashed

5. Oblivion

6. Slight

7. Mature Buds

8. Girl in Between