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Hey there, 24hrdaydreamer here...20 years old, suffering from resting bitch face and blunt honesty, likes napping in the sun and making uncomfortable politically correct jokes. I reblog anything from architecture, art, anime, furry art, to my current obsessions.

While I don't tend to reblog nudity, I do occasionally, but I have not tagged this as NSFW.


Please note: While I occasionally put up my own artwork (just doodles) unless I have stated none of the work up is mine, and I always try to give credit to the original artists. If you are an artist and I have posted a work of yours that you wish to have taken down please let me know which post it is and I will remove it.
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2014-04-06 溶ヶㇽ(Pixiv


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"Surreal Series"

Artist: Minchi ミンチ Kyoto, Japan.


"Spirit", By Jyri Straechav, 2014. 

Something a little less horror and a bit more “dark fantasy” or something. It was just an idea that I had, and here it is. I rather like how the surface turned out. I might (in other words: I will) use this technique again to work on my future pieces. Have to wonder what to do next, though… hmm…

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Draw of thatweirdlizard’s sona for getting first place in the raffle !

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relatable feel:


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